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About Institute

The  Institute of Trade Policy (ITP) was established on the basis of the decision of the Academic Board of the HSE on 23 April 2004.

The mission of the ITP is to provide expert support to the federal agencies in development, implementation and enhancement of trade policy measures in the context of Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization.

The main objectives of ITP are as follows:

- to carry out research, analysis and provide with consulting services the policymakers and other stakeholders

- to provide with education services;

- to study the best practices and to improve the expertise;

- to make publicly available and to accommodate in education process the results of research and analysis, to promote the implementation of such results;

- to cooperate with Russian, foreign and international organizations in theoretical and applied research, analysis and consulting on trade policy matters;

- to provide the policymakers with proposals aimed at the enhancement of trade policy measures and of Russia's participation in the WTO and other international organizations as to contribute the expansion and optimization of Russia's trade

- to contribute the enhancement of Russia's international cooperation on trade policy matters;

- to provide assistance in improving public awareness in the Russian Federation on the participation in the World Trade Organization and other international organizations, and on the regulations adopted in pursuance of this participation and on the results of scientific research in the field of trade policy,

- to provide expert support for  the World Trade Organization Reference Centre;

- provide expert support of the information resources in the area of the WTO;

- to provide expertise for  periodicals at the HSE and for other scientific publications  on trade policy issues;

- to publish the  "Trade Policy" journal.

The ITP took part in more than fifty research projects, which were carried out for key federal and regional executive bodies, as well as major businesses and the EURASEC.

The ITP is the host of the WTO Reference center in Russia that was established in connection with Russia's accession to the WTO. The main objective of the Centre is dissemination of WTO documents, amendments thereto, as well as making available up to date information on various areas of the WTO to the interested parties.

In 2014,  trade policy chair became a part of the ITP. The main task of the Chair is to provide the educational process in various areas of trade policy. The Chair consists of leading experts in the field of trade policy.

 Also, in 2015 ITP has started  producing its own journal -  "Trade Policy". The journal publishes materials on the following areas:

- questions of the theory of trade policy and multilateral regulation;

- trade policy: tools and practice of realization;

- global problems and the regulation of international trade;

- current analysis (comments of the leading experts and practitioners, government officials, international officials, etc .)

- review and analysis of applied issues in  current trade policy issues; comments  to the new and most interesting documents of the WTO and other international organizations, etc).


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